A clear road ahead #TWDOA

Leadenham Morning

I have around 6 weeks left to achieve my target of completing the first draft of my novel (by the end of November). When I woke this morning I didn’t jump straight out of bed, it’s saturday after all, but instead just lay quietly in the hope of getting a little more sleep. It was just after 7am and my mind was already busy thinking of stuff, a head full of stuff that wasn’t going to be particularly productive to my day, or anything else for that matter. So I made the deliberate effort to start thinking about ‘The White Dagger…’.Read More »


DSC_4386-Edit-5Cycling can be a great way to stay fit. I love to get out on my bike, it gives me time for contemplation and just going out a few times a week does me the power of good. I’ve never been a competitive rider but that doesn’t stop me from putting some effort in and seeing if I can beat my times on a particular route or segment (smartphone apps like Strava or Endomondo record the stats).

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Walking Shadows

It’s been several years since this incident took place, I think it was during the winter of 2008, around February to be more precise. This is one of those stories that falls into the world of the strange, or dare I say it, the paranormal. Some people will read this and brush it aside as an illusion, a trick of the eyes, perhaps I was simply mistaken in what I thought I saw. In any case, I recount this tale to you now and you can make up your own mind. Read More »

Contemplation and Imagination

14-05-2514-05-25DSCF7843-EditWriting a fantasy novel seems to involve a series of stops and starts. Your characters reach a critical point in the plot and you just don’t have the answers to what comes next flowing from your fingertips. My solution is to leave things alone for a while (maybe days) and just quietly contemplate…Read More »



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Currently editing my fantasy novel, which is a surprise to me as I don’t enjoy writing (or reading novels for that matter). However, creating The White Dagger of Albathon #TWDOA has been somewhat of a revelation and I’m delighted that I embarked upon what has so far been an incredibly rewarding experience.

Pete. 🙂

The White Dagger of Albathon #TWDOA


When my better half bought me an iPad pro for Christmas, I was delighted and could envisage so many ways that it could help me with the website and my photography. Just over 6 months later I can certainly say I’ve put the tablet to good use but never imagined that I would start to write a fantasy/sci-fi novel. It must be the creativity within me as I’ve always had a vivid imagination but in truth I’m not particularly fond of writing and have never been one for reading books, let alone writing one myself. Read More »