The Opening…#TWDOA


Chapter One

Rivers of Time

Luna sat at the navigation console, her hands working feverishly as
she looked up at the enormous holographic star map that engulfed
the space around her.
“Haven, are you sure this is the right system? We can’t afford to
make any mistakes now. We have to find him.”
The bio-ship began to materialise as it left the time-stream and
entered Earth’s orbit…
A message appeared on Luna’s console,
“Star system confirmed.”
Luna stood in anticipation,
“Let me see.”
 At that moment Haven projected a stunning view of the blue
planet beneath them onto her luminescent skin. The image had perfect
clarity, as if the ship had revealed a huge opening in her side.
“Oh if the Caretaker could see this now, it’s beautiful…”
After a brief pause she quickly paced toward another large console,
sat down and continued to work at lightning speed.
“Begin the scans, he’s down there, somewhere…”

The opening lines to my fantasy novel. It’s been awhile since I’ve been able to commit to this fantasy tale but at last I can now continue to do some more editing. The book is finished in draft form but as I’m discovering – the choice of words ‘matter’. Soon the heroes, monsters and villains will roam free in the imagination of the readers and everyone will come to know Joe Mallory and his new found friends….
Stay tuned,
Pete. 🙂

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