Artwork for #TWDOA

white-dagger-testI had a day off work today (lucky me) and decided to try and make an icon for ‘The White Dagger of Albathon’ (TWDOA). I’m not an artist but I am capable of rudimentary work in various drawing apps and I know my way around photoshop pretty well.

So I set to work trying to produce something striking, yet elegant and perhaps something that could become a recognisable icon for my creative writing, and TWDOA in particular.

I’ve spent all morning and quite a bit of last night for that matter, just tinkering, messing up and tinkering some more before finally coming up with something that I feel is on the right lines. So here it is, this is potentially the ‘icon’ I will be using for my novel. I hope you like it and would love to know if it strikes a chord with you too? Please let me know what you think… 🙂


There’s a lot of symbology in the graphic which I guess can only make absolute sense once you have read the book. Hopefully the forms do speak to you though? Everything in the artwork has a significance.

Fonts and colours can be easily changed but there are millions of possibilities that can be quite overwhelming…

A blue?


How about black?


This last one may be the most relevant to the book, I can’t stop tinkering now! The circular icon needs reducing in size a little, as it’s too near the edges of the cover, but other than that I think I’m on to something. 🙂


As you can imagine I could spend years deciding on fonts and colours! Hope you like it?

… You know what? I prefered the black and white for the symbology of night and day/good and evil.


That’s it for now…

Pete. 🙂

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