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Currently editing my fantasy novel, which is a surprise to me as I don’t enjoy writing (or reading novels for that matter). However, creating The White Dagger of Albathon #TWDOA has been somewhat of a revelation and I’m delighted that I embarked upon what has so far been an incredibly rewarding experience.

Pete. 🙂

Next Gen Leaf & Marketing Strategies

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The ‘old shape’ 2017 Leaf advertising autonomous driving technology ~ Enter the era of smart cars.

The next generation Nissan Leaf could be on sale in the UK (and globally) before the end of 2017! 🙂 At first I thought to myself that I should have waited before buying my new 2017 30kwh Leaf as I expect the new model will have a much greater range than the EV I have just bought. Not only that but the residual value of my new Leaf will probably take a good kicking as the range capability of an EV is king above all else. Before reading on, if you haven’t already, it’s a good idea to read my previous post on the electric car. Clicking the link will bring you upto speed before diving into this post.Read More »

The Opening…#TWDOA


Chapter One

Rivers of Time

Luna sat at the navigation console, her hands working feverishly as
she looked up at the enormous holographic star map that engulfed
the space around her.
“Haven, are you sure this is the right system? We can’t afford to
make any mistakes now. We have to find him.”

#TWDOA ~ Draft Complete!

white-dagger-finalI have finally completed the first draft of my upcoming fantasy novel, ‘The White Dagger of Albathon’. In truth it was completed about 2 weeks ago but ‘life has happened’ and I was distracted from being able to update the blog.

Now starts the process of ensuring the grammar is correct, that the words flow from the pages and that the story is free from contradictions within the twisting plot of this fantasy tale.

A couple of areas of the novel may also benefit from adding more detail for the reader and so as the editing process begins I expect the size of the novel to increase slightly.

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Artwork for #TWDOA

white-dagger-testI had a day off work today (lucky me) and decided to try and make an icon for ‘The White Dagger of Albathon’ (TWDOA). I’m not an artist but I am capable of rudimentary work in various drawing apps and I know my way around photoshop pretty well.

So I set to work trying to produce something striking, yet elegant and perhaps something that could become a recognisable icon for my creative writing, and TWDOA in particular.

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